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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Rounded up to 3 stars.


I managed to finish it and now I can say that it was the most depressing and helpless book I have ever read. I would even warn you, don't read it if you suffer from depression. It could be then really dangerous.

Though I prefer books with a HEA, I'm not someone who specifically avoids books without a good ending.
I would never judge against a book because of the ending. I like an ending that fits the book.
I like the books that even in spite of unhappy ending, despite being sad are emotional, heart-warming, touching but NOT in a depressing way. The most important thing - they have to give a reader at least a slight glimmer of hope.

If you're Okay with the only "positive" message of the book

then you can read it.

This book left me with a blank icy stare after reading it and with a much emotional distress and pain, helpless, powerless, sorrowful, numb with grief. This story broke my heart. It is deeply pessimistic.

It is not JUST the ending - the whole story is enduring torture.
But I have to confess, a very well written one.

Sorry, I need a hope in my books.

My conclusion:
The writing- 5 stars, the story-1 star.


I know I'm in the minority, but there are readers who share my opinion about the book.
Todd expressed exactly my thoughts. Warning: it contains spoilers.