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Home Again

Home Again - Cardeno C., Jeff Gelder Audible

2,5 stars.

What I liked:
* The beginning, it was mysterious and thrilling. Even when I already guessed in what direction the story would go, I found it NOT boring at all. At the beginning.

* The flashback. The switching between the present and the past, between Noah's and Clark's POVs let the whole story appeared kinda three-dimensional. Normally I am not a big fan of constantly changing POVs, but here it provided the variety and the diverse possibilities of the narration, IMO.

* The narrator. (I'm talking about the audio book.) It was my first Jeff Gelder and he made a nice job. Actually thanks his uncomplicated style the endless number of "angel" and "sweetheart" didn't course a tic doloureux by me, but only a light eye roll when I heard it the 300th time.

What I didn't like:
* The explanation for Noah's mistake is the most stupid one I could ever imagined. But I understand- it was the shortest possible way to drama that seemed to be a target aim of the story. Even if it was the most illogical one.

* The second half of the book. It started like a solid 4 stars for me and ended between 0 and 1stars. I had an impression that author totally lost control over the characters and the story itself. Everything went down, very rapidly. It became melodramatic, kitschy and overly sentimental. Very pity.

And what was suddenly THAT about -"You'll come when I say you CAN"?!
Let us push quickly a bit of a control kink into the love story to cheer up the "angel" and "sweetheart" repetitions?!

Though I have to admit Jeff Gelder performed "Ahh" &"Ohhh" lovely.

I know, I would have never ever managed to finish this book if I had to READ it, but I managed to finish it as an audio version!
Viva Jeff! *applause*

I'd recommend it ONLY as an audio book when you are in the mood for a light melodramatic instalove mainstream MM romance with a HEA.

3,5 stars for the beginning
1 stars for the second half
0,5 stars as a bonus for an audio book.