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The God Box

The God Box - Alex Sanchez

In spite of some nice moments in the book, I have to admit that on the whole I was disappointed with the story. Maybe because I'd expected much more from it or maybe because I simply wasn't the target audience for this book.

I liked the style of writing, but I struggled to warm to the narrator:

* I understand that Paul was supposed to be a deeply religious person, with Jesus, God and Bible ruling his life, who rejected to accept his sexuality because it was not Bible conformed. It explains a lot of Bible's quotes and a lot of thoughts about God's love and God's acceptance.

* I understand that it was not easy for someone like Paul to come out, but I got tired and sometimes angry of having his coward reaction, his continuous coward behaviour and coward acts, his ongoing monologues with Jesus or God or whoever, and his lasting begging for the divine mercy.

What I liked is the idea of THE GOD BOX itself.
At the beginning of the book we learned that time ago Paul's Dad had given him a wooden box, the God Box, where he supposed to write down specific prayer and fold it into the box, kinda giving his problem up to the Lord.

Though it was not THAT God box, it was the BOX Paul put himself into:

Had I put myself in a box, unable to love and be loved?

I'm glad that he came out of it. At last. Thanks Manuel.

Three stars for sympathetic secondary characters, a poignant ending and educating prose.
I hope only that many target readers will read the book.