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~Henry Miller

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We Disappear: A Novel (P.S.)

We Disappear: A Novel (P.S.) - Scott Heim

This books can have any rating, from 1 to 5 stars, and all of them would be probably right WRONG.

What to say about a book, that is so ingeniously written but that you CAN'T recommend to NOBODY?

How to review a book that belongs probably to one of the best written books I've read with a plot that I don't want to read EVER again, with the characters that I can only hope not to come across very often, with the worst ANTI-HERO as a narrator?

The story? You mean this fucking depressing disturbing hopeless stuff?

On your own risk.

After the phone call from his mother a heavily crystal meth addicted freelancer Scott comes from New York,where he works two days per week at Pen & Ink and 5 days per week is busy with getting high, to Partridge, his hometown in Kansas. To find out that the real reason for this call was not actually the new facts in her research in cases of disappearing children -a hobby that has become his mother's obsession and which she's devoted herself entirely to- but because her health condition has been deteriorating increasingly. His mother is dying of cancer and has hardly more than some weeks left to live. And she has some secrets to reveal...

This story is so fucking depressing, disturbing and deeply pessimistic!

A heavy stuff.

And nevertheless, in all its depressing aspects, we have a very poetic, photographically vivid and lyrical novella. Believe me or not.

I hated it and at the same time I admired it.
I couldn't put it down, it pulled me in, I wanted this fucking solution at the end of the story!
Did this kidnapping in the past really happen? Was it a reason for her obsession years later? Which of her versions of the story was true? Or was it only the cancer that went to her brain?

And then the ending...

Was the mystery so important here at all?
Or maybe it was only about a touching mother-son relationship?
About the last attempt of the mutter to save her son from his drug addiction?

Honestly. I don't know.

But doesn't matter how I'll rate it-
5 Stars for the brilliant eloquent GREAT writing.

I bow to this writing.

P.S. There are so many fabulous poignant reviews for this book, you should read them to decide if it's for you or not.