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~Henry Miller

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Love Ahead: Expect Delays

Love Ahead: Expect Delays - Astrid Amara

I'm sure that if I had read it in December, it would have had one star more.

With an extra bonus for a Hanukkah!

But it's raining outside and I, good known for being picky and moody, found it fewer impressing than it could be under those circumstances, though still sweet and warm fuzzy in the most popular MM-romance way.

A short nice road trip story with some unpleasant encounter that ended though good(HOW COULD IT BE NOT?!), with likeable characters, sexual tension, steamy action and a candy HEA. What will you more?

"I like your family," Austin said. "And I'll come back for Hanukkah with you next year."
"You will?" Zach asked excitedly.
Austin nodded. "On one condition: we fly."

A perfect Christmas read!

My advice - save it for later, friends!