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Third Man Out

Third Man Out - Richard Stevenson

I would really like to give it 5 stars!

Because I liked the mystery in [b:Third Man Out|90152|Third Man Out (Donald Strachey, #4)|Richard Stevenson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1171185705s/90152.jpg|87013] more than in the previous instalments!
The brutal murder of John Rutka, a radical gay activist, put Dan in a very precarious situation. Because:

*John hired Dan for his personal protection but Dan quit some hours later. Dan had his reasons.

*There are too many people who liked to see John dead rather than healthy. Including a lot of members of a gay community. Rutka wasn't a popular and charismatic person.

*Dan became UNEXPECTEDLY an owner of the secret files, John Rutka's dossiers on all those people who he was after.

*Too many people - exactly, all those people who John Rutka was after - wanted these files would disappear FOREVER. Best of all with John Rutka as well.

The mystery part was really good, intelligent, with a new ethic/moral aspect in it and with a well-known typical for Dan way of thinking. I like to be in his head. It's FUN!
The story will keep you on the edge of your sit and will surprise at the end!

All in all the book is clever made and, as always, very good written!

My tiny and only complaint:
I missed Timothy! I missed the interaction between Dan and Timmy! There were too less of him in this forth sequel.
I know, it is not a romance, and here the main focus was set on mystery, maybe even more than in the previous books...but please, let me have these wonderful short -*sigh*- moments like in the MOVIE BASED on this book. Honestly, although I have iron balls, but also a very soft compassionate heart!

Of course, I'm going to watch the movie! ASAP!


Alone due to these beautiful scenes!


Great plot, great mystery, great characters, great series, excellent writing!

Highly recommended!