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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Full Circle

Full Circle - Michael Thomas Ford

...there will always be friendship and love, and between the two of them, there are mysteries enough to last lifetimes.

Sometimes the best part of a mystery is that it can never be solved to our satisfaction. Like God and death, the question of what drives the heart may be one we never fully understand.

13 November, 2014, when I finished the book:

Now I'll go for a long long walk.

And then I'll cook...thinking about this book.

Later I'll have a glass of wine with my hubby watching the last news...thinking about this book.

We'll talk, make plans, I'll pretend to listen to him but...I'll be thinking about this book...

And later I'll try to write some lines about this book...knowing that I'll never be able to do it right.

Review to come...

Update 14. November 2014:

The book starts with a phone call in the middle of the night. As Ned Brummel, a 56 years History Professor, picks up the phone, he hears the voice of his boyhood friend Jack, whom he's seen the last time over 12 years ago. There is a sad reason for this call. But it awakes all old memories both good and bad, sad and beautiful.
And the journey back into the past starts to go through over 50 years and ends to the present time.

Thus, the circle is closed...

The book is a heart-wrenching, DEEPLY emotional epic story of love and friendship over decades, about a male lifetime bonding, about the significant changes in the modern society, from the Vietnam war, through the gay activities in gay history, AIDS epidemic to the now-days.

BRILLIANTLY written. A true masterpiece.

Who need my review if there is an excellent Ije's review to this book.
Please, READ it!