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Where You Are

Where You Are - J.H. Trumble

DNF at 35%


I have a very long issues with this book. Should I name them all?!


A gay student who has a gay friend since 9 months and they still haven't touched each other, except holding hands. They are both 17 years old.

A gay teacher who first came out and then decided to build a family with his best friend, slept with her only once that was enough to make a daughter, married her and then his wife at last CAPISCE that when a husband sleeps in a separate room with a closed door something significant is missing and a mutual child is just a bit too less to fulfill a dream about a happy family. The day she shared with her husband these thoughts, he moved out and then they divorced. Of course he remained the best dad ever- he was a natural born Daddy! **sigh** **eye-roll**

There was not a single word about a single gay life of a teacher Andrew. Except a boring messages exchange with the above mentioned student Robert. Of course it was enough for our inexperienced teacher to fall in love- **eye roll**.

There was also a dying farther(not a natural born one, quite the opposite), a female college(she wanted to get into his pants-no way, he learned from his mistakes), and a lot of as well unsympathetic second characters. The whole story is nothing more than a soap opera full of cheap clichés.

Bottom line:

Ridiculous plot.
Unrealistic situations.
Unsympathetic characters.

I second Susan-DON'T READ THIS BOOK!

P.S. I just can't believe that this book was among the finalists of the 26th Lambda Award!