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~Henry Miller

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On the Other Hand, Death

On the Other Hand, Death - Richard Stevenson

4,5 stars!

Started as a simple vandalism on the property of a lesbian couple the story turned into a murder case. I don't want to say more, not to give away too much. It is why to review the mystery books is not that easy. The best - you go there without knowing anything.
But it's the second book in the series and you have to know what you put yourselves into. IMO [b:On the Other Hand, Death|1438152|On the Other Hand, Death (Donald Strachey #2)|Richard Stevenson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312036723s/1438152.jpg|1428730] is even better than the first book.

My absolute highlight here is OF COURSE Donald Strachey.


If you like the story but don't like the main character or don't feel him, then it could be difficult to like the book.
I'll make it short: I LOVE Dan Stachey and thereby I declare myself to a fan of the series.
My favourite kind of mystery -the one that makes me laugh without being ridiculous and loosing a tension in the storyline.
The one that has characters that makes me want to read about again and again.

Everything just suits here!

*a well-plotted mystery
*it's highly atmospheric
*monogamy against open relationship(in other words Timmy against Don arguments-FUN!)
*PI that is never at a loss for wards
*witty and clever dialogues
*great writing

I can't say enough how I'm glad to find the series.

Of course-highly recommended from a fan of gay mystery to all fans of good gay mystery!

P.S Some words to the cover. It's getting better. Comparing to the the first book. But it is still a way to go. Though the cover of the first book, with a dog, could suite better for the second book.
Don't see it as a spoiler!