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Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery (Donald Strachey Mysteries)

Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery (Donald Strachey Mysteries) - Richard Stevenson

The third instalment of Donald Strachey Mystery was-considering the mystery probably the most complicated tricky one comparing to the first two books.

There were more suspects and persons who were not necessarily suspected but who were directly or indirectly involved in that case and that made a whole story a bit overcrowded for me.

The fact that I couldn't read it in one sitting -RL interruptions- in combination with a lot of participants made me scroll back to the previous pages to remind myself of WHO was WHO more often than normally.

It is the reason that prevented me from enjoying the third book in all its glory. That's a bit pity. But I swear, at 96% I still had no idea what was going on.


In spite of a frozen body hidden in a Dan's car + 5 mysterious suitcases with a lot of money + a thrilling plot with unexpected turns and twists, there were still a lot of hilarious moments that all included Donald, of course. His sense of humour, besides the good structured mystery, is the most important aspect of the series. And what exactly makes the first person's POV to a great read for me.

"Don is a loyal friend, a stimulating social companion, and a great fuck. It's just that he's sloppy around the house and unable to abide sloppiness outside it. As you can see, this makes life complicated for him—and for just about everybody who crosses his path."
(Timmy, Don's lover)

I have though to warn all romance junkies- if you want a tender love story with a smart badass PI in the main role, you should probably skip this series. Not that Don not a smart badass, he could win this title without a big effort. But it is not a romance. And there is almost as good as no sex in it. IT IS GAY MYSTERY. REALLY GOOD ONE.

Again, I can't believe that the book was already published in 1986!
It's so fresh, so modern, so up-to-date.

Highly recommended!