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~Henry Miller

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The Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman  - Paullina Simons

DNF at 50%

Now it's officially - I gave up.

I wanted REALLY REALLY REALLY BADLY to love this book.

I don't hate it. But...I don't like it either.

I appreciate the work of the author. If this love story can encourage people to want to know more about the blockade of Leningrad, more about the WWII, then - amen- she did a good job.


I'm a picky reader. I know the tragic history of this heroic city.
I also read a lot of MUCH more BETTER books about it.

And I'm sorry for not liking this book as much as I hoped to do it.

I'm sorry for not liking this book as much as many GR friends of mine.

I'm sorry for not liking this book as much as this city deserves it.

It is a love story in the first place.
And I'm sorry for not liking the MCs and their love story.
I rolled my eyes more than I normally do, and it is not a good sign.

And if I don't like their love story => I couldn't like this book.

You have never heard about the blockade of Leningrad?
You should read this book.


You are a passionate FM reader and you prefer your heroines being naive and heroes - alpha?
You should read this book.
You like historical romance with a lot of ANGST and misunderstandings?
You should read this book.

I can't even find a reason for you for NOT wanting to read it.

Except...you're crazy about this city, you know the history of this city pretty good, you've read a lot of books about it, you don't like cliché relationships(?)...

...you're just like me...

P.S. The most annoying two things for me in this book were:

* the romance itself
* the writing

If you want to know more about my NOT LIKING this book, read Tatiana's review, she nailed it(and what for a surprising names coincidence!)