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Better Nate Than Ever

Better Nate Than Ever - Tim Federle
A kid who might have found someplace where he doesn't have to change anything about himself, to fit in.

(A kid going as himself for Halloween, but the best version, the ultimate.)

A better Nate than ever.

Nate Foster , a 13 years old boy from Pittsburgh, has a backstory- he can sing, he loves to sing and he knows EVERY SINGLE MUSICAL on this planet.


And Nate Forster has a dream- he wants to star in a Broadway show .

And Nate Forster has a plan - to take a bus to New York to audition for a Broaday musical version of E.T., and get back home after the audition BEFORE his parents come back from their seventeen-year anniversary weekend. He has never been anywhere in his life except Pittsburgh.

And Nate Forster has a little help from his only and the best friend Libby, who shares his love for musicals. But as we all know from our own experience- not everything in our life works as it should.

No, this book is not exactly Nate Fosteralone alone in NY .
Well, in some way maybe. What this book is for sure NOT is a MM-romance. And what this book for sure doesn't have - a sexual tension or sex scenes. This book is a child book. Look at all these awards that Better Nate Than Ever was nominated for or won:

*** Stonewall Book Award Nominee for Children's & Young Adult Literature (2014)
*** Golden Kite Award for Fiction (2014)
*** Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Nominee (2015)
*** Lambda Literary Award Nominee for LGBT Children's/Young Adult (2014)
*** American Library Association Rainbow List Top 10 (2014)
*** ALA Odyssey Honor Book (2014)
*** Odyssey Honor (2014)
*** YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults (Top Ten) (2014)

It is a wonderful book, a refreshing, a sweet début novel about friendship and family and about our most impossible dreams come true.

If you love musicals, and I mean - if you REALLY have expert knowledge or at least are well-informed about a content of many musicals - you probably will have even more fun reading this book than I had, because Nate compares almost every situation in his life and almost every person he comes across with a scene or a character from musicals.

I thought I would laugh non-stop reading the book, and I really did, in the beginning, but more I read about a boy who was a bit different and therefore he didn't have a lot of friends except Libby, about a boy being bullied at school and called names, even if Nate told his story with humour and a warm child charm, even when he tried to find all these episodes in his boyish life comical and witty, my anger against his classmates and my sadness has been grown toward the end.

After reading about the author, I can imagine that this book was a result of his own experience and probably even a bit autobiographical. He grew up in San Francisco and Pittsburgh before moving to New York to dance on Broadway.