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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Last Summer

Last Summer - Michael Thomas Ford, Blake Somerset

4,5 stars!

It was like reading many books at once, having being introduced to so many different fates and so many different people in one place.
It's why reading Lust Summer was like watching a soap opera, but I don't mean it negatively, not at all!


The story takes place in Provincetown in Massachusetts, during summer time.

You'll find many wonderful (and also not) characters: openly living gays and lesbians, gays in the closet, normal people and celebrities, as well as a transgender drag queen(who saves money for the last step), a seventeen year old teen who run away from his parent house after coming out.

You'll see long-life lasted relationships and cheating-dramas, people who are on holiday and people who live in this small town, people with relationship problems and people with a mid-life crisis, losses and self-discovery, toching moments and a satisfied HEA for all participants. An enjoyable summer tale.

I think, I've just read my second favourite by Michael Thomas Ford. I really very much enjoyed this book(audible) as well as a wonderful narrating by Blake Somerset.

Highly recommended!