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Gravedigger (The Dave Brandstetter Mysteries)

Gravedigger (The Dave Brandstetter Mysteries) - Joseph Hansen
4,5 stars.

[b:Gravedigger|473420|Gravedigger (Dave Brandstetter, #6)|Joseph Hansen|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1175047566s/473420.jpg|461687] is the sixth book in the Dave Brandstetter series and I think I can talk about a common schema of the Dave Brandsttetter mystery:
*At the beginning our insurance investigator appears at the door/porch of a person who filed an insurance claim.

* Something doesn't fit, it is why his insurance company is nervous, and it is why the best man has to clear the situation. He asks questions. He lets his clients know that something in this death case wasn't quite kosher.

* He investigates on his own. Mostly it is a careful analytic work- that still keeps you on the edge of your seat- and ends almost always in a breath-taking actions that convinces the theory about a secret army of guardian angels on Dave's side.

* He narrowly escapes death, but the difficult case is solved.

* A private life? It remains blurred in the background.

[b:Gravedigger|473420|Gravedigger (Dave Brandstetter, #6)|Joseph Hansen|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1175047566s/473420.jpg|461687] was not much different comparing to a commonly flow of the mystery, but it was different in regard to a private life of Dave Brandstetter. He is in love! O lala!

And this private part of his life is not just on the periphery of the plot, it is an essential part of it! I would even say, that there are two parallel stories to follow- the first one is his job, the second one – his private situation.

One more difference to the previous sequels- the ending.
Yes, it was, as always, full of thrilling scenes at the end.
But I had suddenly more unanswered questions as normally.
Not a lot, but nevertheless. No, I won't name it a cliffhanger, but it was something that will force me read the next sequel ASAP.

The writing? It's s Hansen. Period.