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What We Remember

What We Remember - Michael Thomas Ford


It pains me a lot to rate this book under 4 stars - yes, because in spite of my personal issues with the story, I can't complain about the writing style - but for me [b:What We Remember|3097603|What We Remember|Michael Thomas Ford|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348869639s/3097603.jpg|3128758] is probably the weakest novel I read until now by Michael Thomas Ford, BTW, one of my favourite authors.

I find also difficult to explain WHY this one is less satisfying for me. For the first time, while reading MTF, I have been torn between my objective and subjective liking/disliking and accompanying contradictions:

*** Ah…the plot. The mystery here is not your typical one. I'd say that it's rather a family drama. The reader has to deal with skeletons in the closet a lot of family's secrets. The most intriguing part of the mystery for me is always a mental process, the investigating part, a game of cat-and-mouse, the way HOW a case has been solved. There is no actually any investigation here. We have a district attorney as a main suspect, we have his girl friend, a counsellor, we have a family of a murdered sheriff(BTW, the main suspect is also his son), but we don't have any investigation. This mystery could have been solved 8 years ago. If the family members would have talked to each other.

*** We have, as always, a great character development. But on the contrary to his other books, I couldn't find ANYONE, not EVEN a single character to care about. Not to mention to LIKE anyone. A lot of family members, but pretty unsympathetic. Well, there was James, a main suspect in the murder case, but he wasn't really present in the story.

*** I don't consider it as a gay mystery. I know, MTF is a gay fiction writer(and a great one!), this book won the Lambda Literary Award in the category Gay Mystery, so...why do I complain?! Because I DON'T SEE IT AS A GAY MYSTERY. As a mystery, yes, but I have my own imaginations about the category. This one doesn't meet them IMO.


My final verdict:

A great writing, an interesting family story, appropriate pacing, thrilling family drama, believable but not likeable characters, not strong enough but intriguing mystery atmosphere. Not my favourite by Michael Thomas Ford, but still an enjoyable read.

P.S. Blake Somerset did a great job.