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Fair Chance

Fair Chance - Josh Lanyon

In many mystery series, a separate sequel presents a completed Story: at the end the case is solved, bad guys get what they deserve and the good-natured characters can sleep well until the next crime happens. Best with each other. It is why SOMETIMES you CAN skip one of the sequels.
But not HERE. You HAVE to read the previous books to understand Fair Chance immediately after I finished the second book in the series was not a smart idea. I need more variety in my books. Josh Lanyon , maybe one of those writers, who writes great stories, but also who doesn’t do experiments. What is not necessary a bad thing, why to change a formula, if it works perfectly. Maybe it was the reason why I had a bit slow start and why I paid more attention to the mystery itself and now I can tell you that...NO I WON'T.

The mystery was THRILLING, my NERVES! And the writing is, as always beautiful! And all these delicious details!...

I was drawn into the story, I suffered with! But…when I thought about it one day later, I was a bit confused. Really this person fooled all them? So easy?! And I, as an experienced mystery's reader, just ate it up without any complaints? To tell the truth, I HAD some complaints while reading, and even now and them an eye roll. But…well…who cared?
It is DAMN EXTREMELY entertaining and…*sight*…Tucker and Elliot are just IRRESISTIBLE!


****Copy provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***