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~Henry Miller

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Desert Run

Desert Run - Marshall Thornton
3,5 stars

If you don't know that [a:Marshall Thornton|3000192|Marshall Thornton|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1263196997p2/3000192.jpg] is one of my favorite writers...image... then you probably don't know me well enough.

If you don't know WHO is Marshall Thornton...image...ARE YOU SURE WE ARE GR FRIENDS?!

Because to say that I am a true fan of the author is like to say nothing: EVERYONE in my environment knows/at least heard once this name. Even if they never read or don't plan to read gay mystery. My family, my friends, my GR friends knows WHO Marshall Thornton is.

I read everything he wrote. Desert Run was my LAST UNREAD novel by the author.
There were 2 reasons for this:

image This book wasn't available on Amazon, when I was on my Marshall Thornton's mission. It was shortly taken out because of re-editing.

image I found out that there were M/F and M/M/F sex scenes. (OMG! Marshall wrote something like this?!)

Now, when I'm more wiser than I was when I had started this novel, I can say that in spite of M/F and M/M/F sex scenes at the beginning, I REALLY enjoyed the first third of the book. It was, without any hesitation, a 5 read for me. I enjoyed the second part of the book a bit less, DESPITE of the fact that the novel, along the way, became more gayer, but also more stereotypical and less realistic. And a ROMANCE became more essential and more important than a MYSTERY part. And THAT I NORMALLY don't expect from MT's books.

Still an enjoyable fun read, with typical Marshall Thornton's dialogues - I LOVE THE WRITING!!!- and with a typical Marshall Thornton's sense of humor- I LOVE IT!!!

But I rate Marshall Thornton's books according my personal Marshall Thornton's scale.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad...because...it was my LAST UNREAD WORK by MARSHALL THORNTON...image