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Just Drive

Just Drive - L.A. Witt
1,5 stars.

DNF at 70%

I considered to rate it, though I normally don't rate my DNF books. But I'd like to do it this time. I read 70% of it, I dare or?

I'm even ready to give a one star bonus for my unread 30% assuming that exactly this story-line COULD turn this book into a masterpiece. Unfortunately I'll never know it. Because I am not going to read MORE and because the first 70% was very mediocre if not even worse- it was rather a stereotypical list of EVERYTHING I normally DISLIKE in my MM romance books.

Let me explain:

1)THERE IS NO PLOT HERE. A lot of sex scenes with a weak attempt to put a story BETWEEN those sex scenes. I prefer A STORY with sex scenes. With emphasis on STORY, not on SEX SCENES.

2)INSTA LOVE. At least by their second encounter/sex they were determined for each other.

3)Men in uniform. They look good in it, I can understand. THEN GIVE ME anything TO BELIEVE I HAVE A MAN IN UNIFORM AS A MAIN CHARACTER.

4) Writing+Characters+Plot.

Do I need to add something more?
Well, probably the fact, that I'm not going to read anything by this author in the future. But it is just my very personal taste.

P.S I am in the minority, so just ignore me. As always.

**Copy provided by the Publischer via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**