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~Henry Miller

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Can't Hide from Me

Can't Hide from Me - Cordelia Kingsbridge
I was looking forward to read my first Cordelia Kingsbridge, and maybe because her books are very popular and have a very high average rating my expectations were set accordingly high. I don't know who is to blame for my disappointment, the expectations or the book itself, but I am not eager to read immediately more by this author.

What I liked:

imageThe beginning.
That was well done, and the story was really promising, including the suspense tension!

imageSEX was pretty hot. If you like dirty talk....*grin*

What I didn't like:

image Charles Hunter and Ángel Medina as a couple. SEX between them was well written and HOT, but they are a bad match. IMO.

image Ángel Medina as an ATF agent: Very unprofessional and/or because he can't control his testosterone excess - steadily excessively horny.

image The mystery part was ridiculous. And the way EVERYONE acted was - sorry I have to use this word again - very unprofessional. I deeply hope that our state security agencies are much better in their job, otherwise I have to fear for our safety.

image A predictable outcome. What normally not that important to me, if it is logical and well performed, but it was not the case here.

**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**