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Wandering Star

Wandering Star - K.M. Penemue
Rounded up to 4 stars

Let me introduce you to Sixia Star, a captain and the owner of Wandering Star ship, one of the most beautiful women and unknown type of alien:


... and her best friend, co-pilot and partner in crime:


"My name was awesome, anyway: Zane Loveless. How could anyone hear that and forget it? My parents didn't have much to give me, but a great name can get you pretty far. It was what got me on this ship.

Sixia, once a notorious but in-between a retired assassin, and Zane build together kinda small transport company that delivers cargo to any point in the galaxy. Mostly it is a boring job, that won't be paid extremely good, and it is why from time to time they take some illegal job to improve their finance.


Like this time: The Liberated, nothing else than mafia, offers a good paid job - to transport something to Phaeton. When Sixia and Zane realize that the cargo they agreed to deliver is alive, and even worse - they take a guy to be sold in slavery, that is ILLEGAL - it is already too late to cancel the deal. The only sedative for their feeling of remorse is the fact that the guy is doing it on his own free will. But is it true? What secrets might this job hold?

Be sure, there are SECRETS, and you'll find it out at the end.

If you want a pleasant quick read with a high entertaining factor, you shouldn't miss this one. The whole story reminded me a lot of Guardian of the Galaxy,(it is why I can't reject the gifs from the movie!), not a serious dark science-fiction, but the one with many actions, witty dialogues and enjoyable story-line.

It is not a steam read - there is no sex on the pages. But if you read and liked [b:Tournament of Losers|27388497|Tournament of Losers|Megan Derr|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1446132545s/27388497.jpg|47432407], the same kind of "made-me-happy-books-even-without-sex-or-maybe-even-because-of-it, you will probably like this one too. I DID. Because it was fun!


**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**