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Pretty Boy Dead (A Kendall Parker Mystery)

Pretty Boy Dead (A Kendall Parker Mystery) - Jon Michaelsen image


I have to start my review as many other readers who reviewed [b:Pretty Boy Dead|18683723|Pretty Boy Dead (a Kendall Parker Mystery #1)|Jon Michaelsen|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1381975047s/18683723.jpg|26523328] by Jon Michaelsen - be aware THIS BOOK is not ROMANCE. Otherwise it wouldn't have been nominated for 26th Lambda Literary Award(2014) in the category Gay Mystery. BTW, the jury's selection for this year was top-class. You can have a look at the other finalists here.

Unfortunately gay mystery genre will be very often misinterpreted, partly thanks numerous characters in MM Romance genre. Police officers, private investigators or special agents are more thrilling professions than accountant, and offer more possibilities for a hot MM romance than other occupations.

The plot:

Homicide detective Sergent Kendall Parker has lost his lover in an accident weeks back. Though people in his environment, including his cop partner since 5 years Perelli, doesn't know that Michael was more than just a friend to Parker. Because he is deeply deeply closeted. No wonder, working in such a homophobic Police Department in Atlanta. When a dead body has been discovered in Piedmont Park, not far from a gay bar, it raises first the suspicion that it could be probably bigotry, or hate-crime. And Police is not very motivated to solve the case. There is not only Parker who doesn't believe in it, but also investigative reporter who got a strange call the night before the corpse has been found. The investigation leads to a gay nude club, into high political circles, and to a mob-connected relative of a crime family in Chicago.


There are two kind of mystery's books. In one of them you have to rack your brain up to the end to find out who is the murder, in others you get to know a murder at the beginning, and you have just to witness and judge an investigation's routine. [b:Pretty Boy Dead|18683723|Pretty Boy Dead (a Kendall Parker Mystery #1)|Jon Michaelsen|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1381975047s/18683723.jpg|26523328] is a mix of both kinds. We know, WHO killed a young man, or better to say, WHO recruited a hit man, but we don't know WHY and as the story proceeding, it becomes clear that everything WE BELIEVED to know is WRONG.

I like the ending, the writing is great, and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I hope only the author will put a bit more of private Ken into the series. He is sensitive and loyal and simply a good guy. No, it doesn't have to be turned into a MM Romance, but the character of Kendall Parker has a potential to become popular detective in the genre, and a bit romance could be only a win-win all around.

A well done solid mystery.