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The Lies That Bind

Boystown 8: The Lies That Bind - Marshall Thornton



I think I've just read my favorite book in the series. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all books in the series, and the book #5 was brilliant, intense, powerful and heartbreaking. I love it immensely, but [b:The Lies That Bind|28405260|The Lies That Bind (Boystown #8)|Marshall Thornton|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1451524873s/28405260.jpg|48503834] has EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!

It was such a pleasure to read it, to be in Nick's head, to meet all those characters from previous books. The writing - as always- excellent, beyond dispute, but I think that this addition has the best dialogues and the best Nick's intern thoughts. Or maybe I missed this series so much, and this unique spirit of that time, that I couldn't judge objectively. The 80s smile at you from every single page. It is like traveling through time and space. So many loving small details that make the whole setting very atmospheric and authentic.

Boystown #8 is very reach on plot, a lot of happens here. The mystery part is of a such high quality that I became slightly worried at the beginning that the story would be focused mainly on this complicated crime case and Nick's activities as a private dick and less on Nick's private life. All my fears were in vain. Marshall Thornton has remained true to the series dynamic and his writing style, and kept a delicious balance between testosterone and adrenaline.

Of course Nick rules the plot, and HOW! He is in his best form. I don't want to give you anything away, but you'll get many many of an old and even a bit of a new Nick to enjoy.

Though doesn't matter how much of Nick you'll have, it won't be enough. It is never enough.
It is the law of nature: MORE Nick you HAVE, MORE Nick you WANT.


And if you read and love the series, don't forget to post your review on Amazon! We all want to spend a bit more time in Nick's company!