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Status Update

Status Update - Annabeth Albert
Rounded up to 2 stars

The good news - it helped me to find my next NO GO MC - a pathetic thirty-five-year-old closeted virgin professor.

If I EVER come across something/someone similar, I'll know what to do-RUN!


Adrian, an openly gay video game designer, suddenly bursts into a quiet life of Noah, a thirty-five closeted virgin geoarchaeologist, who is working on his book in his comfortable RV on the campground in Southern Utah.

By a strange quirk of fate and a freak weather they has to spend some days together in Noah's RV and ends up in bed. But of course it is not the whole story, it is only the beginning, or better to say, the half of the book.
Because on the most pages nothing really happens. We have a lot of boring dialogs, a lot of Noah's fears and scares, a bit of family histories, many uninteresting thoughts - Noah's of how DANGEROUS the situation for him is, Adrian's of how hot Noah is(IS HE? REALLY?!), Adrian's flirting, Noah's panics and fighting his nature, well...and SEX.
Family meetings.
And at the end - a HEA.
Oh, almost forgot, there are also 2 dogs, Ulysses and Pixel, but they don't play a big role in the story.

I didn't really understand what the characters found in each other? There were no chemistry and no sexual tension between them at all. There were many thoughts about how they found each other hot and sexy and...fabulous, and amazing, but I didn't get how they managed to fall head over heels in love with each other. Or better to say why Adrian fell in love with Noah, he i s one of the most boring characters I ever met in my MM books.
And these love talks...is not at all how I want my MC talk.
The last one was the cherry on the top.
"Adrain?" he whispered, not sure why since they were alone, but this request seemed to demand hushed tones.

"Yeah, baby?" Adrian cuddled him closer, stroking Noah's head.

"You know how you said to tell you when I have a new dream? Something I want more than I wanted tenure?"

"Of course. Whatever it is-even if it is tenure somewhere new. Or fieldwork. Whatever it is, I support-"

"I want to be a father."


**Copy provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**