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After the Horses: A Dan Sharp Mystery

After the Horses: A Dan Sharp Mystery - Jeffrey Round
My first Dan Sharp Mystery, and I'm pretty much angry with myself for not picking up the series much earlier! Even if the book 4 could easily be read as a stand alone, I prefer to read my Mystery series in the right order, and not backwards. I'm going to read the series completely anyway, because I really like Dan Sharp, a missing persons investigator, and want to know more about this character, from the very beginning. Besides, I enormously enjoyed the writing of Jeffrey Round, and want read more of his works.

An intriguing storyline, an interesting Canadian touch(Toronto setting is very authentic), atmospheric mystery delightfully mixed with Dan’s personal life, strong portraying of characters, and guessing WHO DID IT up to the end make [b:After the Horses: A Dan Sharp Mystery|24347855|After the Horses A Dan Sharp Mystery|Jeffrey Round|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1442855686s/24347855.jpg|43929705] to a very entertaining read.

I had no idea though how Dan came to his conclusions and managed to solve the case. When he explained it LATER, around 97%, I got his logic, but I would have never guessed it myself. There was a lot of theory in it. Well, maybe it is why I'm not suitable for the job as a private eye.

**Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**