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Winter Oranges

Winter Oranges - Marie Sexton

I swear, I'm not a cold-hearted person. I'm A VERY SENTIMENTAL person. And I cry very easily and very often while reading, if a book CAN move me. This one doesn't do it to me.

I wish I read more of Marie Sexton before. To be able to judge THIS book properly.
I enjoyed her short novel [b:To Feel the Sun|17342194|To Feel the Sun|Marie Sexton|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360367478s/17342194.jpg|24079323], my only book I've read until now by this author, but unfortunately Winter Oranges didn't work for me at all.

When I have a look at all these few reviews and all these high ratings(of those who were lucky to get an ARC, I'm both- upset and surprised. Surprised, because so many readers enjoyed it. EXCEPT ME. And upset, because so many readers enjoyed it. EXCEPT ME.

I think, I can already guess, that with my opinion about this book I'll be in the minority. REALLY. I can good imagine that many readers will like it. Because it is this kind of book, you are normally predestined to like.

The idea of the story was interesting. But not completely discovered. IMO.
The characters were nice , but so... average and so BORING. I know, I shouldn't tell it. Otherwise I can be stamped as a cold-hearted person.

Sex was not hot. their first mutual masturbation scene was pretty awkward for my taste.. I couldn't buy their attraction to each other. I didn't feel any sexual tension between them.

The writing is nothing special. VERY descriptive, simple and unspectacular. It is this kind of writing you can enjoy if you like the story. I didn't.

What can I tell you more? I wouldn't have recommend this book further, but there are people on this Earth, who enjoyed it, and they are in the majority, so just ignore me, purchase it and make your own opinion about this book. Most likely you'll find this unusual ghost-romance very touching.

It's probably one of this classical situation- "it's me, not a book".

**Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**