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3,5 stars

My first Andrew Grey and my first Peter B. Brooke, and I found the two fit together pretty well. It was an easy and quick read, and I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Lee and Dirk.

What I can't understand, and what was difficult for me to believe, is the fact that NOBODY from Dirk's team-mates(except Lee, who was a new in the station!) visited him in the hospital where he stayed for a while because of being seriously injured while saving a baby from a burning house. Aren't firemen supposed to support each other?!

I don't care what an asshole Dirk was BEFORE his stay at the clinic, but you can't as a fireman ignore a member of your team who has almost died while doing his job. These are basic moral principles.
Even if they apologized later, it left a bad aftertaste.