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"We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate."


~Henry Miller

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Last Days of Summer
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Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything, #1-7)

Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything, #1-7) - Cari Waites

I don’t know who is more impressed here: me or a little part of me.

Probably both of us.

Yep, exactly, both of us are deeply impressed.

*and it is absolutely not what I expected

*and it is simply much better than I expected

*and it is exactly WHY both of us, I mean me and this naughty part of me, ARE DEEPLY IMPRESSED.
Archer holds up the dripping sound. “So you did like it, hmmmm? I knew you would.” I think like is the wrong word. Frighting. Intense, maybe. Not like.

And arousing.
And fucking wrong at the same time.
And kinky.
And in spite of everything- very good.
Yep. surprisingly good
An ingeniously written mindfucked erotica.

Well done, Cari!!!!!!

******my voice out of the weird headspace......

........and me.....

.....floating on the gentle sea of sensation and pleasure.........******