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~Henry Miller

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What They Always Tell Us

What They Always Tell Us - Martin  Wilson, Jesse Einstein

It is my third book in a row that I rated with 5 stars, and I am a bit confused of myself. But I don't think that I became less demanding, maybe I just LEARNED to filter books that appeal to me. Or maybe I have just a lucky hand to chose the right books for me.

Of course a story about two brothers, James and Alex, is the main story-line in this book, but it is in the first place a beautifully written wonderful story of growing up, discovering yourself, learning to come out of the crisis stronger than ever. It is a touching story about insecurity, and loneliness, the hardships of being a grown-up.

It is a gorgeous story of first love, true friendship and family ties.

I listened to an audiobook, but it is one of those books, that it is difficult to ruin, doesn't matter how hard a bad narrator would try to do it. Luckily, [a:Jesse Einstein|8296512|Jesse Einstein|https://s.gr-assets.com/assets/nophoto/user/u_50x66-632230dc9882b4352d753eedf9396530.png] did a good job, and I enjoyed both - the story itself and its audio version. So you're free to chose what you prefer.

Highly recommended!