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BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some

BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some - Chris Edwards
DNF at 45%

It is for sure an interesting insight into a very private life of a transgender person, and I chosen this book not just out of idle curiosity, but because I wanted to learn more about transgender people.

I started this memoir with a lot of enthusiasm, especially after reading books by [a:Renee James|4846795|Renee James|https://s.gr-assets.com/assets/nophoto/user/u_50x66-632230dc9882b4352d753eedf9396530.png]. Renee James is an author of Bobbi Logan Crime Novel series that I fell in love with. They are fictional books with a great transgender character, though knowing some facts from the author's life, one can admit, that in these books she spoke from her soul.

Chris Edwards wrote an autobiographical book and shared his real life experiences with his readers. AND I wanted a REAL STORY.

I really enjoyed the beginning, but somewhere, along the way, I lost my interest. The story started to remind me more and more of a catalogue with organizational problems: Who has to be said first, how to explain it at work, what steps are the most important to discuss with the therapist, how to change a pass and a driving license.

I know that all these things are very important and for sure very helpful, if you want to go through transition, or if you know someone who went/goes/plans to go through transition. Or if you know Chris Edwards personally.

I have to add also, Chris Edwards has the best family, one could imagine in such situation - wealthy and extremely supportive, he has the best friends, who accepted and understood his decision straightaway. Not that I wish more drama, but...the book lacks something essential, I can't even explain. It just left me indifferent, and it is very pity.

I didn't want to DNF it, I feel bad to do it, but at some point it lost its uniqueness and became just a boring narrative.

Chris Edwards has all my respect for his honesty and openness, but I had to give up.

**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**