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Death Comes Darkly

Death Comes Darkly - David S. Pederson

I don't remember when I read a classic mystery novel the last time, I almost forgot how much I enjoy it. How nice that there are authors who can deliver a solid historic mystery a là Agatha Christie though with its own style and soul.

When detective Heath Barrington got unexpectedly an invitation to spend a weekend at the isolated summer estate of a wealthy industrialist at the Lake Geneva, he couldn't turn it down. Who would?!
"My summer house has eight bedrooms, and though I am inviting other guests, you and your wife would be quite comfortable. If you choose to bring a companion, you would each have your own room."

And so we have here:

imagea weekend in the isolated summer house at the Lake, that could be reach only by a lake steamer

imagea bunch of strange people who don't actually enjoy each other's company too much

imageBAD weather

imagea DEAD BODY

imagea CUT telephone cable=the one and the only one phone is DEAD too.

imageand a bunch of suspects=the number of guests(except our detective & police officer)


Of course our brave detective and his companion police officer Alan Keyes didn't imagine their mutual weekend in the beautiful natural surroundings of the lake to turn into a murder investigation, but because the local authorities couldn't be reached, they had to act official.
And they did it splendid. Before the local authorities arrived, they solved the case.

I enjoyed this book, and even if there is no steam at all, I didn't miss it. The main focus is set on the mystery and if you LOVE Agatha Christie, you shouldn't miss this one. The writing is very pleasant, the mystery is old-fashioned, but in a good meaning, intriguing plot, well developed characters. I'd like to read more of Heath Barrington and Alan Keyes in the future. This couple has a big potential.

Highly recommended.

**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**