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The Thief Taker

The Thief Taker - William Holden image


DON'T READ this book if you:

1) don't like/don't read/don't understand GAY EROTICA

2) want a sweet mm-romance. IT. IS. NOT.

3)If you haven't read Secret Societies, ended. Thomas fled from London, the city that gave him not just a roof over his head but a caring and loving home that he had never known in his life and that then cruelly took it away from him. He made his way towards Paris full of hopes for a new life with Pierre Baptiste, an attractive wealthy trader from France, whom he had become acquainted with at the Mother Clap's establishment. But don't expect a sweet reunion of the both in a city of love - buckle up!

[a:William Holden|2900084|William Holden|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1448465037p2/2900084.jpg] stays true to his writing style. His erotica has nothing to do with clean bed linens and washed bodies. He shocks, provokes, surprises and wows readers with graphical descriptions and animalictic sex scenes. Sex made by William Holden is often dirty, unclean, rough, aggressive and reeking. You frequently find shit and seed on the same line. And there is much of this kind of sex.

It is not about LOVE, it is about LUST, SEX and FUCK. (Did I mention that we're talking about GAY EROTICA here?) Of course it is also about relationships and building partnerships, though not in a candy-manner way.

What I found really great in this series: Along with many sex scenes (sorry if you feel being violated by it- but it is a requirement of the genre), it has also a lot of well thought out plot and a very intriguing storyline, that kept me glued to the pages. And the language, the word building!..*sigh* What a pleasure this gentlemanly dirty talk out of 18th century! The author succeeded in creating a credible historical ambience.

[b:The Thief Taker|18342353|The Thief Taker|William Holden|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1384260419s/18342353.jpg|25897687] has more twists and turns than the first book. One of the author 's specialities - you never know who is a good guy and who is an evil. It could happen that on the next page one of the most likeable characters suddenly turns into an insidious traitor. And vice versa. Totally unpredictable.

I like the ending. We left our hero in good hands, full of hopes on the threshold of new beginnings. I can't talk about a cliffhanger, because it ends well and solved, but some questions remained unanswered. That also considers that a new sequel will be coming and that makes me happy!

Even if I'm an addicted kindle reader, I pay many attention to the covers of my books. The second book, also like the first book, provides a very atmospheric and beautiful cover, that unfortunately also the reason for a wrong interpretation of its genre.

All in all, a solid historical erotica, that just needs to be invented by the right readers.


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