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~Henry Miller

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Boystown 5: Murder Book (Boystown Mysteries)

Boystown 5: Murder Book - Marshall Thornton


Murder Book is the 5th book in the Boystown series and the second full length novel in it. And it is probably the best one.


In one of the interviews, that Marshall Thornton had given before starting the 5th book, he said:
"I’m planning something very shocking for the first page."

I can assure you, he did it!!! AND HOW!!!
He grabbed you from the very first page and didn't let you go.

I don't want to babble a lot, it is not the first book in the series, and if you keep on reading after the first book, you can understand what I mean! You'll understand my emotions.

I know I made a mistake when I recommended the first book of the series almost to everybody, I was just too euphoric.

I know, I should have warned you, I should have better explained that it is not a typical candy contemporary romance with a syrup sweet HEA, I should have said that it could possibly push your boundaries, that the thematic could be considered for some people provocative...

I didn't do it and I am so sorry!


please....don't talk about this series like it is nothing but a collection of uncontrolled senseless sex excesses on crack.


Marshall Thornton is a great storyteller and he would probably shock you more than once along the story but he will also surprise you and reward you with the real great characters, amazing writing and excellent mystery.

Please give the series a chance, please believe me, it's worth it.

I want you to LOVE it...

Please, please, please...LOVE it.