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Follow your Heart

Follow your Heart - B. Kevin Tirrell
DNF at 33%

The only situation I can imagine to finish this book were to wake up on a desert island without my kindle and without any other book in my bag.

It is not awful, honestly, it could have been even quite readable, had it had 200-300 pages less.

But the author seems to enjoy to write, and he most likely couldn't manage to stop in time.
I had an impression, that he wasn't sure everyone would understand correctly what he MEANT, it is WHY he described the same thing multiple time. BUT from different perspectives.

So for example, when Rusty went out with Jason the first time, we got this event in details. I TOTALLY capisco how this evening went on and how much they both enjoyed each other's company. But in the next chapter I had to read about their evening together from Rusty's view and straightly after the same again, BUT from Jason's view.


As I've noticed, the author is a big fan of irrelevant details and repetitions, but this style made this story boring, tiresome and exhausting.

My second big issues was the characters themselves. While I could more or less tolerate Jason. I DISLIKED Rusty, and I pretty much HATED his best-friend Emmy, who stuck her nose into EVERYTHING taking place in Rusty's life. A very annoying person, who´is supposed to be a positive character (I'm sure).

This book is only suitable for readers with good stamina.

P.S. With the best intentions, I'd advice the author to try to write a short story next, with a good plot and likable characters. And if this short novel will get good reviews, to re-edit this one. Under different title.
Because I think, it had a potential, that got lost though among many unnecessary words here.

**Copy provided by Langdon Street Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**