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Death Comes to Happy Acres

Death Comes to Happy Acres - J.T. Moss
4,5 stars

Every reader has his/her Buy-Automatically-Authors, BAA. I'm no exception to that. I wish only that my BAA-list would be much longer, and I could spend less hours looking for the next read.
[a:JT Moss|14150774|J.T. Moss|https://s.gr-assets.com/assets/nophoto/user/u_50x66-632230dc9882b4352d753eedf9396530.png] is a new pen name of one of my BAA. I shouldn't probably mention it in my review, out of respect for the author's decision, BUT

image it was the reason WHY I asked JT Moss for an ARC when I found out WHO was behind this name;

image I don't think that it'll be possible to keep this fact secret in the age of the Internet for a long time. Sooner or later people will know. But not à cause de moi . So, I keep my mouth shut.

Generally I'm against a multiple pen name strategy, but I can understand WHY authors do it. It helps to separate genres, to keep the wrong readers away, and maybe to win the new ones.

Death Comes to Happy Acres is a mystery. But it doesn't belong to gay mystery, one of my favourite categories. And I swear, I had NO IDEA about THIS fact when I asked the author for the ARC.

I asked for it → I got it → I read the blurb → I thought "OH SH****T."

NOW, when I finished I( and ENORMOUSLY enjoyed it), I'm simply glad and happy about my initial lack of information, because I most-likely wouldn't have asked for the ARC, and maybe wouldn't have put this book at the top of my TBR list.

The main protagonist, Wade Lovett, is sixty three year old and doesn't actually comply with the idea of a perfect mystery book hero. But he doesn't demand it, and the author doesn't try to make him fit into a role of an exemplary character. Wade Lovett is a former jazz musician, a widower, who lives in Happy Acres, a trailer park in California. He has his weakness for women, but it is more about companionship and friendship than about sex, maybe it is why he is not really in love with any of his regular dates. Wade Lovett lives a quiet and unspectacular life, trying to avoid all kind of unnecessary excitements and negative emotions after his heart attack six months ago. But when he found Peggy MacCallister, one of his love affairs, lying dead in her kitchen, his quiet life suddenly goes off the rails.

Death Comes to Happy Acres IS NOT overload with actions, or blood events - everything happens in a comfortable pace, in a chamber atmosphere, but the story does never lose its tension and stays a real page turner, from the first up to the last page.

It is a warm-hearted crime comedy about ordinary people from next door, that is told in the most charming way. There is no a single boring paragraph, there is no a single insignificant sentence, there is no a single unimportant detail.

The writing is soo good! The author knows well enough how and when to be inventive and humorous, and when sentimental. He has a particular talent to write an eloquent prose in a simple uncomplicated way.

I wish and hope that this book becomes a movie one day. It really offers a good basis for a great movie, where casting is very important. How else do you want to transmit this amazing 1st person POV?!

And I've already found my Wade Lovett ---> Jeff Bridges!

Wade Lovett while listening to jazz from the '80s on his old clunky iPod.


*****Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***