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Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake - John Inman, Randal Schaffer
4,5 stars.

*** Audible***

It was time for my first John Inman. Now I understand why this author is so popular among my GR friends.

Though if I had to judge this book on it’s 1 person POV narrator, Reverend Brian Lucas, it would be difficult for me to rate it. Reverend Brian Lucas is not an easy person to be fond of. Not for me anyway. But luckily I stopped long ago to judge a book on the fact how likable I found the characters in it. Otherwise my favorite books were a boring idyllic conflict-free stories with unreal exemplary MCs who never do mistake and meet always the right decision. Awful, isn’t it?

A small community of a tiny provincial town Nine Miles, where everyone knows each other, is profoundly shocked by the brutal murder of an old lady, a member of the local Methodist Church, where Brian has the post of a Methodist minister two years ago.

Though it is not just cruelty of the crime that spreads fear among the inhabitants of Nine Miles, but a message with an announcement of further killing that has been left by the murderer at the victim’s home.

Brian’s brother Boyd, the County Sheriff, believes that it wasn’t a bad joke and that it’s just a matter of time, when the next murder happens. And he is right. The next victim is also an old woman and a member of Brian’s congregation, and this time the murderer is even more cruel than the first time.

But WHY? And WHO?

Even if there are more than two dead bodies at the end and a series killer that has to track down, I don’t see this book as an unconditional mystery.

Because the main focus isn’t set on hunting the killer. A mystery part is rather a subplot for me – even if many readers maybe won’t agree with me here. A mystery, killings are just tools to learn the characters and their surroundings, to try to understand their decisions.

Sunset Lake is a BOOK OF DECISIONS. Decisions that were met in the past and that have to be met in the future. The right ones, the bad ones, the ones, that will leave you thinking and asking and wondering whether they could be considered as rights or bad ones. It is about to find a courage to MAKE a right(?) decision that will radically change your/someone’s life, and even more.

John Inman tells his story of DECISIONS quietly but powerfully. His writing is beautiful and yet he remains fully grounded in his writing style.
Sunset Lake won’t let you go even days after you finish it.


Audio books are a bit tricky. A very good narrator can turn an average book into a jewel, and a bad narrator can ruin a good written book. I enjoyed the narrating of Randal Schaffer. My only complaining – that luckily wasn’t that IMPORTANT for this story, but that could have been a big disadvantage with another kind of story – he doesn’t sound like a twenty-eight-year old guy (the age of Brain, our first person POV teller), but much older.

*** ARC provided to Gay Book Reviews by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***