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Doctor Gillespie's Discovery

Doctor Gillespie's Discovery - J.R. Duke
Rounded up to 3 stars

This book is difficult to review because of two reasons:

image I cannot discuss, pray or complain about the plot without giving away some important secrets.

image I cannot myself actually say what I feel about it.

The main protagonist and the first person narrator leads a quiet lonesome and carefree life in
a cabin on the big island in Hawaii, that he inherited after the death of “Uncle” Billy, his single foster parent. It is where an alien presence - they prefer to be called this way - visits him.

The good news – they are friendly and polite, the only thing they want our MC to do is to deliver a massage to some Doctor Gillespie. The bad thing – they themselves have no idea where to find this mysterious Doctor, and our MC is not the first person they have asked to do this favor, but all persons they contacted before just disappeared without any trace. Means, someone is not interested in the fact that this message gets to its recipient, and this someone is dangerous.

The message itself was totally useless, IMO. It sounded like "you did a good job, Doc, and your discovery is the most important for the mankind, go ahead and share your knowledge with all people on earth". But it made me VERY curious about the discovery of Doctor Gillespie...

No, our MC doesn’t start immediately to look for Doctor Gillespie. He doesn’t even plan to consider this favor at all, at first. He is sure that it was too much “pakalolo” of the previous evening, but the alien presence has its methods, and our MC has no other chance than to set out for looking for the mysterious Doctor Gillespie.

What follows after…well that is crazy and totally utterly illogical and weird. Enemies become friends in order on the next page to betray to a greater extent, and vice a versa. Everyone lies to everyone; you can’t simply trust no one here. Actually this book is a big collections of the most bizarre nonsenses. The further the plot goes on, the more complicated and the less logical it becomes. Intrigues, double agents, hypnoses, hallucinations, dreams and of course, an endless chain of lies built up a core for this story. But even if this book is far from being a literary masterpiece, what the author masters quite well is to entertain his readers.

I’m though not sure that the author knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote it. I cannot imagine that this plot is a result of a thorough planning and not just a spontaneous result of an occasional flash of inspiration.

In spite of my many issues - this list could be very long, including the discovery itself, and the mysterious MC without a name and and and - I couldn’t put this book down! I just NEEDED to know how it would end.

A crazy hell nonsense ride with eye rolls and head shaking(in disbelief).

If you want to try something VERY different, you should give it a go.

**Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**