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Two Days Gone: A Novel

Two Days Gone: A Novel - Randall Silvis
Can we always trust our instincts? Is a human nature that we see on the surface the same as deeply inside? How far would you go to find the truth? How far would you go to protect the truth?

[b:Two Days Gone|30014133|Two Days Gone|Randall Silvis|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1462217458s/30014133.jpg|50422302] is one of the best psychological thriller I’ve read since a long time.

A small town in Pennsylvania is shocked: a whole family of Thomas Huston, a local college teacher and bestseller’s author is brutally murdered in their house. His wife and three children are literally slaughtered. All evidence suggests that a murderer is Huston himself. His disappearance only supports this theory. But if it is true then what forced a family man and loving husband, a popular citizen and a famous writer at the height of his career to kill his family? And if he is innocent, then WHO DID and why is Huston on the run?

Sergeant Ryan DeMarco, who considered himself as Thomas Huston’s friend takes over this difficult case. He himself lost his son in a car accident over ten years ago, that broke down his life. Is he the right man for this investigation? Can he found the answers on the questions that plague everyone?

I LITERALLY couldn’t put this book down. The writing is magnificent, the plot is excellent, and the way the author tells this story, giving bit by bit the missing pieces of a jigsaw, is addictive.

I love EVERYTHING in this book, but my absolute HIGHLIGHT is the character Ryan DeMarco with such charisma!..The plot is dark but deeply philosophical and even if it's difficult to say it, considering the subject, stunningly beautifully written.


**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**