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Purpose - Andrew Q. Gordon

I have considered for a while whether or not to ask for an ARC. It is no secret that I am not a big fan of paranormal genre. But I read some really good reviews on GR and the blurb of this book sounded interesting to me. Besides, having read several mysteries novels, one after another, I was looking forward for a change. AND it was my first read from this author, I was pretty excited about it, to be honest.

William Morgan spent the last 40 years of his life as a host for a sentient energy, The Spirit of Vengeance. His life is not his anymore, it belongs to It. He is driven by a purpose he can’t control: VENGEANCE. Every time someone innocent dies, he HAS to avenge the innocent by killing the guilty. It is how it has been for the last decades, and it is why he knows how to hide his emotions and feelings behind his second I- Gar. Gar was born the moment William died 40 years ago when the Spirit of Vengeance owned his body and took control over his life.

Everything changes the moment he meets Ryan, a homeless broken young man who’d been cast by a cruel and heartless family. Something magical happens when Will looks at Ryan’s eyes. This fateful encounter changes everything in their lives.

Well…Before I say something mean, I’d like to say something nice. The cover of this second edition is really good and atmospheric, I like it. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the author’s writing style. I struggled with it from the very first page, and I would have probably never managed to finish this book, if I hadn’t promised myself to read all ARCs up to the end. I normally not that patient with books I purchase.

Honestly, it was hard for me to get through this story. Paranormal books are not my favorite, so I didn’t expect to love this book to pieces when I started it, but I also didn’t expect to dislike it. Along with the writing that didn’t work for me, I had my personal issues with the main and second characters. I just couldn’t get warm with any of them. There was no a single character in this book for me to like or to be interested of. A rough summary of the story on the most pages, without spoiling it: Will tries to protect Ryan (because he has his reasons), and Ryan tries to make Will’s job of protecting him as difficult as only possible. The long discussions between Ryan and Will about Purpose, and purpose of everyone’s Purpose, about motive to kill and not to kill, about justice and demand of vengeance, Ryan’s continuous self-deprecating and insecure, and stupid arguments…that was very boring and repetitive.

The romance in this book felt emotionless and flat, combined with the lacking any chemistry and sexual tension between Ryan and Will. Maybe it is why I don’t complain about the absence of sex scenes. It is impossible to enjoy a romance book if you don’t like the characters. I can’t say that I disliked Will, but Ryan annoyed me ENORMOUSLY. He was twenty-four when they met, but he talked and behaved like a thirteen year old boy. His character appeared immature and underdeveloped.

At the end I felt myself a bit guilty to think this way about Ryan, but I couldn’t help it: the ending left me cold and indifferent.

I hate to be that mean, and I really wanted to like this book.
However I can’t give anything but my honest review, and to be honest, I didn’t like this story.

I’m hoping though that others enjoyed this book more.

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