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From Afar

From Afar - Frank Scozzari
DNF at 30%

I normally politely reject the offers to read and review f/m romance books. Honestly, I’m not a target audience for this kind of book, but I agreed to try this one, because…yes, because of placing and settings, and the blurb sounded funny. I have to admit, the author made me curious in the beginning: Morgan Stanfield is an average California guy in his middle age, who, after spitting from his girlfriend of 7 years, desperately wishes at last to find his soul mate. On the Internet. Russian bride sites offers the most beautiful girls, it is why he decides that his dream woman lives in Russia.

After some beginner’s mistakes, that cost him large sums of money and sarcastic comments from his best friend, he sets off for his future fiancée newfound candidate for his life partner to Sankt Petersburg.

It was to expect that nothing would run smoothly, considering the nativity of Morgan, and probably he’ll find what he is looking for at the end, but I suddenly lost the interest in his adventure. It started to appear very documentary in a way, I didn’t like any more. You know, these TV reports “men form the west looking for a wife in from Eastern Europe“. I am not inspired to read about the adventure of a California bachelor, who comes to Russia to meet a woman of his life after he and his “best choice” just exchanged some emails and had a single short phone conversation, but who already use the magic, big “L” word for explaining their feelings.

I have to confess though that Frank Scozzari has a nice simple writing style that could have been a winner if he had kept the story light and hilarious. But it was not the case.

No rating, I didn’t come too far, besides, honestly, it is really not my genre.

***ARC provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.