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Buck Baxter, Love Detective / Buck Baxter and the Disappearing Divas

Buck Baxter, Love Detective / Buck Baxter and the Disappearing Divas - Geoffrey Knight
4,5 stars!


It was my FIRST Geoffrey Knight, and I swear, NOT the last one. As a Geoffrey Knight’s newbie, I had no idea what to expect from his first novel. As always I followed my illogical strategy and read only the first sentence in the blurb:

"Welcome to Wilde City, 1924."

That was already enough to grab my attention. Historical? Great! Mystery? Even better. AND…I saw the cover…
(Is it George Cloony? Like 20 years ago? And with a pipe?!)


I am a big mystery fan, and I like all kind of mystery. But I really enjoy books that make me laugh or at least can put smile on my face. I consider this new edition of The Buck Baxter Mysteries series, that presents the both already existed sequels in one book, as a winner for the series. I enjoyed the first book, but the first book of every series is always kinda of introduction into the story, in the surroundings, atmosphere and of characters. The first book was good, but the second book cracked me up!

The story takes place in the 1924s. But though Wilde City is a fiction place, the other details of the Roaring Twenties represent authentically: Jazz age. Prohibition. Modernity. Economic prosperity. Artistic and cultural creativity.

"You want a good time, you come to Wilde City; you wanna last a long time, you go someplace else. Because here in Wilde City there’s only three types of people: the lovers, the famous...and the dead."

Buck Baxter is not famous, not dead, and not in love. At least it is what he WAS at the beginning.
He is a private investigator, or better to say a private dick in Wilde City. Every case that walks through his door is about cheating any lying and leaving someone in tears. "Broken hearts is his business." But there are two sides to every coin. He doesn’t just destroy love. He creates new opportunities for those who still hope to find one. It is where the title “love detective” comes from. Buck Baxter doesn’t make friends, he doesn’t make enemies and he doesn’t fall in love. Or it is what he believes he does. But as every human being he has the past, and HIS PAST catches up with him when he AT LEAST expects it. It’s mainly what the first book, BUCK BAXTER, LOVE DETECTIVE, is about.

I DIDN’T laugh too much(if at all) during reading the first installment, quite the contrary, there were some scenes in the book that were very touching, when I had tears in my eyes. In spite of these few moments, it was an easy, quick-paced, entertaining and very enjoyable read. Though I didn’t see THAT coming in the second sequel!
Did Geoffrey Knight secretly planned to change the genre? Or did he just bring himself into top form during BUCK BAXTER AND THE DISAPPEARING DIVAS? I don’t care actually, I’m glad he did.

BUCK BAXTER AND THE DISAPPEARING DIVAS is witty, sexy, full of witty dialogs, crazy actions and …LOVE!
The past that becomes the present makes a life of Buck Baxter happier and more complicated at the same time. We have the first relationship crisis, new old secrets, but thanks God, we have a sweet romance with a plot! And what a surprise- Buck got a new assistant that turned this book into a comedy. Stella was a very good decision, even if her new role COULD drive some readers up the walls.

I for my part declare myself to a new fan of Geoffrey Knight. His writing is exactly what I NEED: light, adventurous, hilarious, sexy, amusing, it makes you feel good and makes you want more! And it will be more!


***ARC of [b:Buck Baxter, Love Detective / Buck Baxter and the Disappearing Divas|27416708|Buck Baxter, Love Detective / Buck Baxter and the Disappearing Divas|Geoffrey Knight|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1446505082s/27416708.jpg|47465776] provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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