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Dare to Remember

Dare to Remember - Susanna Beard The first thing I did when I had finished this book- I took away "Shocking. Page-Turning. Psychological Thriller." from the title. (Thanks to my GR librarian rights I dare).

a)If it IS a page turner or NOT decides the reader and not the publisher,
b)I disagree to label this novel as a "Shocking. Page-Turning. Psychological Thriller." It is not shocking, and not a thriller. Well it was a page-turner, for sure.
Besides, a genre itself has to stay away from any title, IMO.

[b:Dare to Remember|33144357|Dare to Remember|Susanna Beard|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1480365919s/33144357.jpg|53830159] is a psychological DRAMA. A good written one.
It is a solid debut work, in a simple but beautiful and powerful language.

I read the whole book almost in one sitting and remained extremely tense while reading. The plot kept me permanently in the state when I expected something extremely bad and shocking would happen very soon, or on the next page. This nail-biting suspense of the plot is maybe typical for Stephen King's books however was unusual for this melancholically slow paced story that Susanna Beard skillfully created. Maybe I should blame "Shocking. Page-Turning. Psychological Thriller" in the title, but I think it is exactly what the author wanted to achieve with her book. It is this almost invisible mystery element, this BIG unsolved uncertainty, these many unanswered questions that the crime left and this strange feeling of GUILT that doesn't let Lisa go. WHY? WHAT really happened there?!

Lisa lost her roommate and her best friend in a brutally attack that happened in their small apartment. She survived and her body is recovering, but mental damages and suffering caused by this crime are enormous. The worst of all- she lost her memories. She can recall EVERYTHING before the attack, but she doesn't know WHAT really happened. All her life is divided into BEFORE and AFTER. BEFORE she LIVED, AFTER - panic attacks, trauma, loneliness, isolation, no friends, no social life. But she tries, she moves forward, even if she has doubts that she'll ever feel strong and confident and ready to face the world again.

Bit by bit she becomes her memories back, flashlights, fragments, pieces that help to reconstruct the events. Could she answer the very important question: WHY? And where is this guilt comes from? Did she blocked her memory because of the shocking truth?

This book was a pleasant surprise, an engaging plot, very interesting and well-discovered main and second characters (not to forget a fabulous four-legged friend) and a great message at the end.

Highly recommended.

***Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***