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~Henry Miller

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Embers - Kate Sherwood
Could Jericho Crewe have guessed that Mosely, a small town in Montana that he got the hell out when he was seventeen would become such a hotbed of crime fifteen years later?



The reasons that brought LA cop back in his home city were merely of private nature at the beginning, but very soon his stay becomes the part of the job. Kayla, his best friend years back and the local sheriff, needs someone whom he can trust to watch her back, and Jericho couldn’t say no.

In addition to the case of kidnapping & dirty feds & corrupted cops from the first book that hasn’t yet been completely solved, as if it were not enough, Jericho has to deal with a criminal biker gang, drug smuggling and on the top of everything – of course, Wade Granger and, as a result of the last, with his personal emotional chaos.

[b:Embers|32790609|Embers (Common Law, #2)|Kate Sherwood|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1477521576s/32790609.jpg|53383241], the second book of the series, didn’t disappoint me. It has EVERYTHING I loved already in the first book – an interesting mystery and a great chemistry between the MCs, and even a bit more.

What exactly makes this series so good, IMO:

image The main characters. On the one side Wade – beautiful and sexy as God and criminal as HELL. Jericho, an exemplary officer of the law, incorruptible, uncompromising, unblemished on the other side. And between them – their past, their memories, many unanswered questions and a LOT OF SEXUAL TENSION.

image Wade and Jericho are so DIFFERENT. Like night and day, like winter and summer, like ocean and desert. Like Wade and Jericho. They can be together probably ONLY if one of them decides to change the side. BUT is it possible at all?! And if YES, then WHO?! AND HOW?!

imageWade is such a smart bad ass. It is fun to watch him playing games with Jericho. Don’t underestimate him, he is full of HIDDEN surprises.



imageA deliciously s-l-o-w b-u-r-n. The book one- a KISS, the book two – a BJ. We are one step further. But we have not yet reached our destination.

And I want more!!!

***Copy provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***