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Blood Stained Tea

Blood Stained Tea - Amy Tasukada
Well...it was a frustrating read for me. I liked the premise more than I liked the book.
I probably would have DNF it if I had read it alone. But it was an intimate BR with my dear friend Sofia and I didn't want to give up this struggle and leave her alone. image

Besides, it is always a pleasure to exchange thoughts with her. It's only pity that this book didn't give too many opportunities for an interesting discussion.

This book was not awful. Even if the story-line and the characters lacked of logic and depth, it was easy to come through. Like a comic cartoon. That is one of a few positive things about this book for me. What I also found interesting is the cultural aspect and the setting.

[b:Blood Stained Tea|33152873|Blood Stained Tea (The Yakuza Path #1)|Amy Tasukada|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1480461236s/33152873.jpg|53843270] takes place in Kyoto, Japan. It was refreshing and new for me, and I googled. I always enjoy books that teach me something new, and here it was Kyoto's festivals, Japanese tea ceremony and traditions.

It COULD have been a beautiful tragic enemies-to-lovers romance story, rich in plot and a cultural background and with much passion. COULD HAVE...but it wasn't.
Unfortunately the author failed on all fronts, IMO.

A story summary:

After the Korean mafia has established itself in Osaka forcing the Japanese mafia there into a bloody territory war Kyoto is its next target for expansion. Nao, a son of a Godfather of the Yakuza Japanese mafia, withdrew from the family business 4 years ago, for private reasons, and runs since then his own small tea-house. He lives a very solitary and simple life, when one rainy night he finds a badly wounded young man on the street. As he takes him home to take care of, he doesn't know that this attractive Korean young man is an important member of the Korean mob...

How the story goes on, is easy to guess: they fell in love, and...well...their origins make everything only complicated. But don't rush to stamp this book as a gay Romeo and Juliet story. IT IS NOT. But you can find it yourself.
My issues:

image Insta-love.

image Saehyun disrespects Nao on the one page and on the next page he talks already about their relationship and being Nao's boyfriend. It went totally unnoticed for me.

image Dialogues. THEY ARE AWFUL. Do adult people talk this way?! (I mean those with an average IQ?)

image ILLOGICAL actions. I'm not a mafia expert, but what I read here was ridiculous.

imageCharacters: without any depth, too flat and superficial, two-dimensional, boring, stupid.

image ENDING. Oh please...
If the author decides to erase the only, more or less, likable and significant character for an impressive and illogical ending...then I'm out here.

image I didn't like the writing. But it is just my personal taste.

I'm not going to read the next book in the series. I can imagine how it ends: Nao will get a new kitty.

I think I'm not going to read more by the author.

***Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***