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~Henry Miller

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Glitterland - Alexis Hall, Nicholas Boulton

Glitterland is one of my favorite books in the MM romance genre, and OF COURSE when an audio-book has been released, it was automatically a MUST HAVE for me.

Nicholas Boulton did a good job, I think his Ash's first person POV was very good done, I like the timbre of his voice.
I'm glad though that I KNOW Darian's way of talking from my two re-reads, and that I already KNOW what he said in EVERY situation.
It was really helpful. Yes, I'm a looser in Essex dialect. I had to listen to some dialogues twice, to EXACTLY understand what he said! I'll be lost in Essex. HELP!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book

I had to think a lot while listening to it, why I and Alexis Hall are not compatible any more?!
It is a shame...It started like an ever-lasting-love-relationship. What went wrong?! And why?!

Here you can read my review and all my highlights to Glitterland.

Have I said that I love this book to pieces.