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All the King's Men

All the King's Men - Alex Powell
Rounded up to 3 stars

I can divide this book into three parts, and THAT is less to do with the development of the story itself but with my personal feeling about it. I liked how it started, it was much better than I expected, and I enjoyed the ending.

The idea sounds very interesting: A little group of revolutionaries under the guidance of King meets each other regularly in the Cerebrum, a virtual reality network, to discuss their next mission. Their main activity is detecting secrets and make them public. No wonder that they have many enemies who rather see them dead. But it is not that easy: It is not enough to defeat a person in the mindnet, you have to get his BODY too, and it could be EVERYWHERE, where there is a link-in.
(For more information you can read the blurb or the book itself).


The first third of the book was pretty good and even if I didn't completely get how the Cerebrum worked, I found it very entertaining. My problems began as the story unfolded, actually with too many of private domain. It appeared like 10 times pro page. I started to lose interest. Had I been a gamer or a passionate science-fiction reader, maybe I could have enjoyed this world building more, who knows. But somewhere in the middle on the story it started to become a serious issue to me. I considered even to DNF. But I didn't want to start my new reading year with a DNF, it could be a bad Omen. So I forced myself to go on.

I'm actually glad that I finished it, because the ending was good, it switched from the Cerebrum to the RL. AND. I got my answers.

I think
1)I can better deal with such stories in form of movies (like Matrix), and
2) it is impossible to create a cyber world in a beautiful prose.
To make it REAL an author has to use THIS special language, and it is not my cuppa.

**Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**