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Praline Goes To Washington: Or, the Erotic Misdeeds of a Newly Native Californian in Our Nation's Capitol

Praline Goes To Washington: Or, the Erotic Misdeeds of a Newly Native Californian in Our Nation's Capitol - Marshall Thornton
A little appetizer...


“There are facts. And there is the truth. Which are you going to believe?"

Everyone who is familiar with the works of [a:Marshall Thornton|3000192|Marshall Thornton|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1263196997p2/3000192.jpg] knows that along with the gay mystery, the comedy belongs to one of his home genres. And he is good in it.

I like this unobtrusive smart and dry humor so typical for his characters, and not only in the comedy's novels.

With [b:Praline Goes To Washington: Or, the Erotic Misdeeds of a Newly Native Californian in Our Nation's Capitol|33862329|Praline Goes To Washington Or, the Erotic Misdeeds of a Newly Native Californian in Our Nation's Capitol|Marshall Thornton|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1484488880s/33862329.jpg|54813599] Marshall Thornton has proved that political satire, as a genre of literature, is not alien to him.

I fucking love the first book in The Perils of Praline series , it is one of the most hilarious, sarcastic and quotable book I ever read. It is the very finest social satire full of ridiculous situation, witty dialogues and great lines.

I expected the same (even more!) from the second book, and was excited to hold the copy in my hands.

Praline Goes To Washington is an excellent written piece of political satire, and at the same time it is an example of a very rare genre that is most likely doomed to remain in the niche.

I'll try to explain:

imagePolitical satire & Gay erotica
Readers who enjoy Political Satire (judging from my life experience) are usually not regular readers of Gay Erotica(this one is VERY GRAPHICALLY delicious). Readers who enjoy Gay Erotica don't read Political Satire, normally.
And...THIS KIND OF GAY EROTICA won't read an average MM Romance Reader. ("He said that he loves him on the page 5 and he fucks someone else on the page 10!"image)

image To enjoy political satire, you have to know the political/social background.

I had to admit, much to my regret, I didn't know all the necessary information behind the scenes to be able to enjoy this militant irony. There were so many names (slightly modified) that every American reader would immediately recognize and identify with a real person AND... COULD easily understand the sarcasm and exaggeration that was hidden behind, but I didn't. I knew who was hidden behind Helmut Dump and his wife Melanoma, but not more. I have openly to confess that I GOT TIRED from all this political circus at the end and even AVOIDED all political discussions ON PURPOSE recently. Since I tried to express my opinion about it on FB and got a lot of feedback like "go away/disappear and don't disturb other people to express their temper", I am not politically motivated at all, FYI.

image You have to be a passionate democrat (that is only logical).That is easy, I think.

image You have to be a child, in your heart.
YES. Because Praline is such a kind naive sweetheart. I try to imagine that his IQ is simply too low not too academic and ignore an obvious fact that he is an idiot a charming naive young man.

image It is a NOW/TODAY fiction.
It won't be very actual and interesting probably/maybe 4 years from now later.

I REALLY REALLY wish more readers from the TARGET AUDIENCE read it. Those who are political NOT ignorant. Those who can enjoy Gay Erotica. Those who read the first book in the series and enjoyed it. Those who are fans of Marshall Thornton. Those who are NOT fans of the current president.