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~Henry Miller

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The Youth & Young Loves of Oliver Wade: Stories

The Youth & Young Loves of Oliver Wade: Stories - Ben Monopoli

This book is a small jewel.

I love it so much, soooooooooooooooo much!


The only thing I cannot understand is WHY it has not yet literally showered with LITERARY awards and nominations.

--> You are acquainted with Ben Monopoli’s works and like them? You MUST read it.

--> You read already one of the author’s books but did not particularly enjoy it. You HAVE to give this book a chance. You’ll change your opinion.

--> You’ve never read anything by Ben Monopoli? REALLY?! It is the right book to start with.

This book is extremely good written, highly emotional(be prepared!), melancholic, in a good way, wise and very creative. It's probably one of the best coming of age books I have ever read.
I think the chapters say everything:

1.(Age 13) Stag
2.(Age 15) Rainbow Subway
3.(Age 16-17) Dial Up
4. (Age 13)The Weight Lifter
5.(Age 18) So Long Eucalyptus
6.(Age 18) The First Time
7.(Age 20)The Six Months Between Then & Now
8.(Age 22)Honeymoon for Knights
9.(Age 24)Abbey’s Mohawk
10.(Age 25)Lumberjack Slams & Hurricane Swirls
11.(Age 26)The Key-Touching Guys
12.(Age 27-28)We All Go Back to Where We Belong

There are so many beautiful and emotional reviews for this book. You can read all of them.

Please read Wesley's review, he nailed it.

I can’t recommend highly enough!

Full review to come....maybe...if I'll manage to find the right words...