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~Henry Miller

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Medicine Hair

Medicine Hair - Mark Wildyr
4,5 stars


Great HISTORICAL fiction. I love Mark Wildyr's writing and I love all his books, but Cut Hand series is truly superb and belongs to my all time favorite historical series.

It is not just an

* exceptionally well-written

* historically educational

* accurately researched historical novel that conveys a powerful message

but it is also WITHOUT any doubts

beautiful and moving love story with strong and unforgettable characters!

“I love you, John.” He switched to Yanube, a tongue no longer much used. We generally spoke English or Lakota.
“I will protect you against the elements with my body. But mostly I will cloak you in my love. It may not turn aside a bullet or fend off attack by rabid animals, but it protects against a darker danger.”
A smile tugged at the corner of my lips.
“And what is worse than that?”
“Loneliness. Being alone. But because of moments such as these, you will hold some part of me with you even after I walk the Western Road. You’ll hold memories of everything we’ve done together.”

It has to be a sequel. And I think I can guess in what direction the romance will go...but I have no idea what COULD happen here.

I can't recommend it highly enough. Please, read it!