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Rescue Me

Rescue Me - Michelle L. Teichman
DNF at 50%

I honestly hate to DNF it.
One of my resolutions for the New Year was to have as few DNF books as possible, best not to have such books at all. It does not mean though that I plan to torture myself with books I don’t like but only that I will TRY better to choose MY books.
And here is the consequence: I will TRY to avoid F/F Romance books. It is just not my cuppa.

It pained me to say it, looking at you with my rainbow -colored eyes, and thinking that we, girls, have to stick together, but I assure you that my not liking FF has nothing to do with my position and my attitudes. I’m a passionate supporter of LGBT rights, and I do and will do it where I can, with all my heart. But I’m a straight woman, and I just don’t enjoy FF books where the main focus is set on relationships and sexual tension. However, I read and liked some lesbian literary fiction books.

[b:Rescue Me|32720031|Rescue Me|Michelle L. Teichman|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1477064565s/32720031.jpg|52840134] is not a bad book and it is not bad written, but I'm not a target audience for it. Maybe if the mystery had convinced me, I could have finished it, but the mystery didn't grab me, and I had problems with some twists.
1) Does a 1,5 year old dead body stink?! Or how can it be partly liquid?!
2) How can police suspects the local ambulance service to be involved in the crime case when it is clear that a real ambulance car arrived first LATER? So it can't be THIS local ambulance service, right?
3) How can THIS alcoholic drugged woman be a mother of the missing female police officer?! And why nobody knew it?!

I think I could forgive a MM Romance novel many irregularities, if I like the main characters and if I enjoy the interaction between them, but unfortunately I don’t do it in case of FF Romance.

So, it is my first DNF book this year, and I hope the last one.

I think, had I finished it, I could have rated it between 2 and 3 stars.

***Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***