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A Kind of Justice

A Kind of Justice - Renee James I read this book during our summer holiday, and I am so sorry that I couldn't write my review immediately after I had finished it. It would have been much longer and maybe more helpful.

The best thing about this book is Bobbi Logan. I am not completely "virgin" in regard of books with transgender characters, but I have never read a book with a transgender woman as a first-person narrative. And to be in Bobbi's head was a great experience. Because Bobbi Logan is a wonderful character that you won't forget and who maybe helps you to learn a bit more about transgender people.

Bobby Logan was born as a man, but in the wrong body. She was married to a woman in her previous life, came out as gay - though was never really sure she was a girl, she was only sure she wasn't a boy - then later she made the permanent step of gender reassignment surgery.

Now, 5 years after her transition she is a star hairdresser and an owner of a beauty salon in Chicago in the midst of the economic crisis, she is over forty, tries to rebuild her relationship with her ex-wife, she is probably without a chance in love with a man who everyone is in love with, and... a main suspect in a murder case.

[b:A Kind of Justice|30137585|A Kind of Justice|Renee James|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1463307784s/30137585.jpg|50571235] is a brilliantly written mystery, but it is also an emotional and fascinating story about a fantastic character you'll fall in love with. Because it is simply impossible not to feel with/for Bobby, not to admire her personality. This book will change you, it will give you an insight into a transgender world, that you probably would have never got to know.

What I found also great in this book: it has a heartwarming satisfying ending that made me happy, but didn't give me a feeling of being manipulated into it. It was soooo right and sooooo touching!..

I truly hope that this book will find many many many fans.
It is so different from everything I read, in a WOW way, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Great mystery.

Great characters.

Great writing.

Great plot.

**Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**